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Fruits and vegetables comsumption

Comparison of preference and volume of consumption of different fruits by consumers in Russia and European countries show that Russian market is very similar to Czech where apples are very popular. Bananas are favorite products among northern people – Norwegians, Finns, Swedes – whereas in south of Europe – Italy, Spain, France – citrus and pears are very popular.

Main insights:

  • Russian fruit market is characterized by sustainable 15% annual growth;
  • Import is a considerable part of the market. Imported fruits are 50% of Russian market, though some experts even estimate up to 80%;
  • In Russian import most considerable volumes are divided between 3 types of goods: bananas (27%), apples (22%) and oranges (14%);
  • Mostly fruits officially delivered to Russian Federation go through ports of St. Petersburg (about 80%), 1/5 – is via Novorossiysk ports;
  • At least 11% of expenses Russians spend for products. More than half of population of Russian cities consumes fruits at least one time a day – 69% during summer and 55% in winter;
  • Apples are on top of Russian consumption pattern. Survey results show that this particular fruit are eaten most often by 51% of population. For bananas the figure is 23%, oranges – 11%;

Fruits and vegetables comsumption

Preferences of Russian consumers for type of fruits, % from total population of cities with 100 000 people (as of AC Nielsen).

Fruits preferences most often eaten eaten for last 6 months
Apples 25 51 96
Bananas 18 23 92
Oranges 12 11 91
Lemons 2 6 82
Mandarines 4 2 70
Pears 9 4 61
Grapes 7 1 42
Kiwis 2 1 39
Pomegranates 1 31
Grapefruits 2 1 30
Pineapples 2 27
Fresh berries 3 16
Peaches 6 13
Plums 1 12
Apricots 3 10
Melons, watermelons 4 7
Mangoes 1 5
Information source: Russian Food and Drinks Market

Partners of the company

Russia is a key market for South-African fruits and consumes about 12% of world export of this goods from South Africa. Considerable part in total volume of Russian – South-African trade up to 30% is taken by fruits. Volumes of deliveries of fruits from South Africa to Russia are increased to 20-25% annually. Our company is one of the oldest imports of South African fruits to Russia.
Brand identity of Group of companies “Tropic” – delivery of citrus from Maroc. The company is the oldest importer of Moroccan citrus in Russia and approached close contacts with all the major suppliers of fruits and vegetables in Maroc.

Quality requirements of the presented goods

Tropic International LTD carries out the reception and quality control of goods produced by Russian and foreign suppliers. Foreign production intended for sale should comply with UNECE Quality Standards for the 1st Class. According to these standards more than 10% of fruits of the 2nd Class are not allowed in the 1st Class shipment, unless otherwise specified in the supply order. Production of Russian suppliers should comply with state standards (GOST).

General requirements on products quality, packaging and marking details are available here.

Special requirements on quality of each category are available below: